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Beginning to look not a lot like Christmas

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The how and why behind a record-breaking Christmas heatwave Every Christmas, my family has a routine: wake up early in our eastern North Carolina house, shuffle downstairs in slippers and sweaters, and open presents. This year? Forget the slippers and sweaters; we spent our Christmas day in t-shirts and shorts, with the windows open and… continue reading »

Searching for Signs of Changing Climate in Storms of Chaos

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New York, NY—In the aftermath of a storm that left more than 100 dead, over 8.5 million without power, and caused an estimated 50 billion dollars in damage, scientific experts and coastal residents alike are grappling with the portent of Superstorm Sandy. Was this an incredibly damaging but incredibly rare strike on New York and… continue reading »

Welcome to Warmer America

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On August 6th, NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center reported that July was the single warmest month in the 117-year temperature history of the continental United States. During July, over half of the continental US experienced temperatures in excess of 2°F above average, an unprecedented area and magnitude of warmth: July’s record temperature are just the… continue reading »